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Pickleball - 336101

No this does not mean taking your pickleball paddle or game upstairs, it means learning the basic skills to improve your stroke, shot selection and game strategy. This is for individuals who have played a minimum of 20 pickleball games, who are interested in learning basic skills and are committed to practicing these drills on a regular basis. The old adage “you play like you practice” is very true in pickleball. We all need to practice what we learn outside of game situations so that it becomes automatic when we do play. We will cover serve, return of serve, drop shot, dinking, blocking/pushing, forehand, backhand and eye hand coordination. Players should have
completed Pickleball 101 before attending this class.

  Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Ages Resident/Non-Resident    
Taking Your Pickleball Game To The Next Level
09/06/2017 -09/13/2017
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Fort Howard Park

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