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Grand Park Room All Ashwaubenon Community Center900 Anderson DrGreen Bay, WI, 54304(920)492-2331

$32.00 $47.00

Fit & Fabulous Challenge - a step up in challenge and intensity with a faster tempo than Fit & Fabulous, this class is the “perfect fit” for any adult interested in a moderate intensity class! Focusing on functional movement, range of motion, strength and cardio-vascular conditioning, the class seeks to improve participants’ energy, muscular strength, and overall fitness levels. The class combines easy-on-the-joints and low-moderate impact standing-on-the-floor routines with functional movement and strength exercises that use elastic tubing, hand weights, and floor mats. Regular participants achieve long-term benefits while experiencing a fun-filled and social time together in this calorie-burning, body-energizing, and inspiring class designed to captivate for improved fitness and life! While a workout mat is not required, it is highly
recommended for comfort while doing floor exercises. All Fit & Fabulous Challenge classes are led by NETA® certified group fitness instructor, Lissa Marth.


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